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The Game: Episode 2: Yeah I'm Young...
Highlights: Tasha finds out that Dante has a thing for older women. - Clip (2/24/2011)
The Game: Episode 7: Party Crashers
Highlights: Kelly crashes the Sunbeams party. - Clip (2/24/2011)
The Game: Episode 2: Fight for Your...
Highlights: Melanie gets advice from Kelly; Jason warns Malik of "the curse". - Clip (2/24/2011)
The Game: Episode 6: Falling In and...
Highlights: Derwin accuses Janay of trying to break-up his marriage. - Clip (2/24/2011)
The Game: Episode 7: Anger Management
Highlights: Derwin and Malik get into an altercation at a night club. - Clip (2/24/2011)
The Game: Episode 1: Two Years Later
Highlights: Derwin is a star, Kelly has a reality show. - Clip (2/24/2011)
The Game: Episode 1: Get Off the Bench!
Highlights: Jason makes an appearance on sports show "Benched." - Clip (2/24/2011)
The Game: Episode 8: 2 Piece and a...
Highlights: Kelly on being kicked out of the Sunbeams. - Clip (2/24/2011)
The Bernie Mac Show: Episode 121: We...
Vanessa and Bernie realize parents make mistakes. - Clip (2/23/2011)
The Bernie Mac Show: Those Hot Dogs
Highlights: Bryana and Wanda get sick at the gas station. - Clip (2/23/2011)
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