Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is a former World Heavyweight champion who became a leading voice for the rights of Blacks in the 1960s and '70s. Born Cassius Clay, he changed his name in 1964 when he joined the controversial Muslim sect, the Nation of Islam. Outside of the ring, he became popular for his showmanship and charisma. In 1967, he refused to fight in the Vietnam War, citing his religion and his opposition to U.S. policy. As a result, his boxing license was revoked and he was stripped of his title.  The decision was later overturned and he regained his title, becoming the only three-time lineal champion.

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"The Greatest" likes what Pacman stands for beyond boxing.

UPDATE: Muhammad Ali Released From Hospital

Revered sports icon gets follow-up care for urinary tract infection.

Commentary: Leave Don King’s Past in the Past

America’s media continue to obsess over boxing icon’s criminality and not on his promotional genius.

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Beloved boxing icon's daughter says father is recovering from pneumonia.

Muhammad Ali Hospitalized With Mild Pneumonia

Illness was caught early and sports icon is expected to make a full recovery.

See Muhammad Ali Get Political in New Documentary

We have a sneak peek at I Am Ali.
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