The current conflict in Libya started in mid-February, when opposition forces called for the resignation of Col. Moammar Gadhafi, a constitution and other reforms. After his concessions are rejected, the North African leader uses brutal means to suppress protests. As rebels gain control of more cities, Gadhafi fights back with air strikes. World leaders condemn Gadhafi and call for him to step down. He refuses. The United Nations establishes a no-fly zone over Libya, which allows U.S.-led coalition forces to shoot down Libyan aircraft.

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UN: At Least 300 Migrants Missing in New Sea Tragedy

The victims were reportedly "swallowed up by the waves," with the youngest being a child of 12.

Global Week in Review: South African Mediators Make Proposal to End Strike

Seventy-five people dead in Central African Republic town, Brazil has record-breaking heat, plus more global news.

Global Week in Review: Marines Sent to Evacuate Americans in South Sudan

Marines sent to evacuate Americans in South Sudan, lynchings in Central African Republic, plus more global news.

Global Week in Review: Philippines Begins Difficult Recovery Process

Much needed aid arrives in the Philippines; Morocco makes a stand for African migrants; plus more global news.

Trafficked Migrants Tell of Rape and Torture

Harrowing details are now emerging about the rape and brutality suffered by the hundreds of Eritrean and Somali migrants who boarded the ill fated fishing boat that sank off the coast Lampedusa, Italy, more than four weeks ago.

Democratic Reforms in Gulf and Arab Nations

The Arab Spring erupted in 2010, but how close are countries to a democracy?
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