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Keyshia & Daniel: Episode 1: Heaven Sent
Keyshia clashes with Yvonne, the night before her wedding. - Full Episode (10/17/2012)
Bobby Jones Gospel: Heaven Sent
Highlights: Frankie, Keyshia's mom, meets Daniel's family. - Clip (10/9/2012)
Keyshia & Daniel: Trust and Believe
Recaps: Daniel & Keyshia reminisce about how much Keyshia's changed. - Clip (12/4/2012)
Keyshia & Daniel: Episode 8: Trust...
Where do Keyshia & Daniel end up in the season finale? - Full Episode (12/11/2012)
Keyshia & Daniel: Love
Recaps: Keyshia and Daniel finally celebrate their dream wedding. - Clip (10/16/2012)
Keyshia & Daniel Family First:...
Highlights: Keyshia just wants to let loose, but her family is no help. - Clip (10/9/2012)
Keyshia & Daniel: I Ain't Thru
Recaps: Daniel worries about hooping again; Frankie goes to rehab. - Clip (10/23/2012)
Keyshia & Daniel: Trust and Believe
Highlights: Life for Keyshia has become a balancing act. - Clip (12/4/2012)
Keyshia & Daniel: Where This Love...
Highlights: The tension between the couple is evident at a photo shoot. - Clip (11/20/2012)
106 & Park: Keyshia Cole Puts...
Guest Rewind: Keyshia Cole talks about her new show and more. - Clip (10/12/2012)
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