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Comedian/Actor Having a career spanning over 50 years, William Henry “Bill” Cosby Jr. is one of the most influential forces in pop culture. He’s responsible for creating the multi-award winning, culture-shifting sitcom The Cosby Show, which is arguably one of the most significant series in American history. The humorist has given us positive, popular cartoons such as Little Bill and Fat Albert, the sitcom A Different World, written numerous books, and recorded a plethora of musical and comedy albums. In 2014, allegations came to light from more than a dozen women that the comedian had sexually assaulted them. While the statute of limitations had passed for most of the cases, meaning Cosby would not face criminal charges, the allegations seriously damaged his reputation and led to NBC and Netflix canceling pending deals.

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Three More Women Accuse Bill Cosby of Drugging, Raping Them

The count of people to stand up against the icon climbs to 40.

Report: Kenan Thompson Calls Bill Cosby a 'Monster'

During a routine at the University of Pittsburgh, the SNL actor threw some jabs at the TV icon.

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Comedian says he's "far from finished" in promo clip.

Bill Cosby Asks Judge to Dismiss Defamation Lawsuit

Three women argue that Cosby publicly branded them as liars.

Samuel L. Jackson on Bill Cosby: I Wish He Would Say Something

Actor says, "women are vulnerable in this society."

Bill Cosby Applauds Eddie Murphy for Refusing to Play Him in SNL Sketch

The comedian wouldn't impersonate the TV dad during the show's Sunday special.
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