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Forme President William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton is recognized around the globe as one of the most successful and efficient political leaders to ever live.  America's 42nd commander in chief started his political career as a governor of his home state of Arkansas.  Once he took office in 1993, Clinton implemented policies and laid out laws that boosted the nation's economy.  Although his involvement in the Lewinsky scandal- and other lawsuits- threatened his presidency, Clinton still managed to gain the approval of millions of Americans and grab a spot on Gallup's List of Widely Admired People of the 20th Century during his two tersm; all while remaining supportive of the political career of his wife, former New York Senator Hillary Clinton.

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BET Wire: Let's Talk About Race

Lawmakers honored President Lyndon B. Johnson's landmark civil rights achievements; baseball great Hank Aaron likens anti-Obama Republicans to the KKK; Attorney General Eric Holder questions how he and the president are treated; a Louisiana congre...

Obama to Headline Civil Rights Summit in Texas

President Obama and other leaders to honor Lyndon B. Johnson's contributions.

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The Affordable Care Act is still unpopular among a majority of Americans; Rep. Pete Sessions says extending unemployment insurance benefits would be "immoral," one of Gov. Chris Christie's bodyguards is a shoplifter – and more.
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