BET Goes Pink

BET Goes Pink is a campaign that seeks to educate African-American women about breast cancer and empower them to take control of their health. BET has partnered with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, American Cancer Society and the Sister’s Network to bring information and resources on breast cancer prevention, treatment and survivor support groups.

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Health Rewind: Study Confirms Obesity, Breast Cancer Link in Black Women

The obesity/breast cancer link among Black women and more health news.

I Am Living With HIV and Breast Cancer

Joyce Turner Keller shares her story of juggling both diseases.

B* Real: Waliyyuddin Sabari: ‘The Only Things I Could Do Is Support’

Husband of survivor talks being there for his wife. (10/22/2014)

B* Real: Gerri Walker: ‘This Was Her Journey’

Mother of survivor explains supporting her daughter. (10/22/2014)

Five Foods Breast Cancer Survivors Should Eat

How nutrition can improve your breast health.
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