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Finale, August 5 at 10P/9C
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The Game Photos

Ep. 805 Recap
Malik gets his job back, but with notable stipulations. Blue tries to advise Keira.
Are You Ready for Game Day?
We decided to break down how you can have your own game day thrills.
Can Keira Switch Roles?
If Keira Whitaker were to to be anything else but an actress, what would it be?
Ep. 804 Recap
Blue outperforms Keira at a commercial shoot. Malik gets into a conflict with his mother. Jason l...
After Football
Should Malik Wright consider an official career change? If so, maybe these jobs would come in handy.
Remembering Jason and Chardonnay
Jason and Chardonnay had some good times together. Can't remember? Let us jog your memory right h...
Ep. 803 Recap
Jason and Blue have a confrontation, though it's the former who begins having realizations. Perez...
From One Saber to Another
How good of a mentor is Jason to Blue? Hard to say, but we decided to look back at their many mom...
Baby Father Drama?
Pookie wants custody of Kai. Tasha ain't about to let that happen.
Chardonnay in Charge
Chardonnay has to move forward with her life. Check out what she can do after she leaves Jason.
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