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BET Star Cinema: Child's Play
A ferris wheel ride turns tragic. - Clip (9/21/2010)
BET Star Cinema: A Special Moment
Chance thinks Lauren is a vessel for his unborn child. - Clip (9/21/2010)
Bet Star Cinema: Shark Attack
Russel tries to calm everyone down and get attacked by a shark - Clip (8/12/2010)
BET Star Cinema: Deep Blue Sea: Lets...
When the glass breaks it's time to move. - Clip (8/12/2010)
Bet Star Cinema: Having Lunch
Movie Moments: Having lunch near your job can be a problem - Clip (8/12/2010)
BET Star Cinema: Towels & Squeegees
With the wedding only hours away, Roland gets sick in the back of Slim's car. - Clip (8/12/2010)
BET Star Cinema: School Yard Beat Down
Mike's crush on Alicia gets him into a fight with her big brother, Stacey. - Clip (8/12/2010)
BET Star Cinema: In Your Face
Clip (7/23/2010)
Bet Star Cinema: Spray for the Smell
Movie Moments: Grandma get a surprise visit from her family - Clip (7/9/2010)
BET Star Cinema: Half Baked
Thurgood runs a special errand at his job. - Clip (7/9/2010)
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