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Five Simple Steps to Financial Literacy
April is financial literacy month and though getting your finances under control may seem like a ...
Racism 101: Trouble on Campuses Around t
From blackface to racial discrimination to vandalizing of property, there continues to be reports...
Wrongfully Incarcerated: 19 Cases You Sh
A look at recent cases, including George Stinney, Kwame Ajamu, David McCallum and Dennis Lee Allen.
Michelle Obama's Best TV Appearances
A look at FLOTUS's work on the silver screen.
#ICYMI: Mikaila Ulmer Gets $60,000 From
Plus, woman calls out Steve Harvey for making fun of people with special needs.
Top 10 Last Minute Tax Tips
Tips from the IRS to ease your last-minute tax filing concerns.
So Sorry: 10 Apologies for Racially Char
Racism is never funny but some people have to learn the hard way after their words come back to h...
Remembering the Victims of Slavery: 10 R
March 25 is International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slav...
Bring That Week Back: TJ Maxx Pulls Offe
Pregnant woman attacked for not saying thank you to a man who held a door open for her, plus more...
Twitter Reacts to #MarteseJohnson's Brut
A look at tweets responding to the bloody incident near UVA.
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