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Spaced Out: Rappers and Aliens
Lupe Fiasco is not the first rapper to cross paths with extraterrestrials.
Lupe Fiasco's Craziest Quotables
The MC's alien confession is just his latest out of this world moments.
Locked Up: Rappers Behind Bars
From Ja Rule to C-Murder, some of hip hop's biggest names are coming home somewhat soon; some may...
In-State Rivalry: The Georgia Edition
Things ain't always peachy when it comes to GA hip hop.
Believers: Religious Moments in Rap
Rick Ross' mixtape isn't the first time an MC has utilized religious themes in music — whether fo...
Gun Play: Rappers With Weapons Charges
Click on to see just some of the rappers who've been caught packing heat over the years.
Tweets of the Week: 50 Cent Fires Back a
Celebs talk drama, awards and timelessness.
On My Own: The Best Solo Breakouts
Prodigy's Mobb doesn't roll so deep anymore. After he and his MB bandmate Havok announced they we...
Comeback Albums
They say rap is a young man's game, but don't tell that to Xzibit. Today, October 9, the veteran ...
The Art of Storytelling: A Hip Hop Time
From Rakim to A$AP Rocky, the BET Hip Hop Awards, which aired last night, gave love to hip hop ol...
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