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A Soundtrack For the End of the World
Ride out Armageddon with these apocalyptic anthems.
Unchained: When Musicians Take on Slaver
Jamie Foxx isn't the first music star to tackle America's so-called "peculiar institution."
10 Songs Against Gun Violence
Jay-Z, Kanye West and others deliver music that increases the peace.
Top 20 Albums of 2012
The best LPs in a great year for breakthrough music.
The Rundown: T.I., Trouble Man: Heavy Is
A track-by-track review of Tip's fiery new album.
50 Best Songs of 2012
The year's on its way out, but these songs will live on.
Twitter Moments of 2012
A look back at some of the headline-grabbing tweets of the year.
20 Ways Dr. Dre's The Chronic Changed Mu
20 years later, the legacy of this classic album lives on.
Tweets of the Week: 50 Cent Gets NAACP N
Plus chatter from Kevin Hart, Chris Brown and more.
Dr. Dre, The Chronic: Where Are They Now
Catch up with the team of heavy hitters behind this hip hop classic.
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