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Hunger for More: Musician-Owned Restaura
A list of other R&B singers and rap stars who've also earned the title of "restaurateur."
Q Rating: Why We Love Quincy Jones
Quincy. You know the name—the Jones is barely necessary. Few people have left more of an indelibl...
Ladies First: Women's Hip Hop Milestones
Hip hop may be male-dominated, but the women who've made a mark on the culture are legends, heroe...
I'm So Ink to You
When hip hop stars get tattoos of other musicians.
Tale of the Tape: Iggy Azalea vs. Azeali
Click on as breaks down the two rappers' stats to help you figure out who's got the upper...
Kreayshawn is the latest celeb to catch a hack attack.
Do the Math: A History of the Aftermath
Click on to see a history of Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment and it's power-packed, ever-changi...
Tweets of the Week: 3/5-3/9
Fireworks between Drake and ex, while Rihanna supports Kony 2012.
Get Ya Mind Right: Mindless Behavior Pop
How well do you know these teen sensations?
Hip-Hop's Coldplay Obsession
We don't usually give B-day shouts to British alt-rockers, but today is different. Chris Martin, ...
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